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From: United Kingdom

Not much is known about British singer and songwriter Paul Vigrass who started releasing singles in late 1968 on the RCA Victor label, some with the shortened moniker "Vigrass". Most of his output is fairly straight forward soft rock, save the outstanding pop-psych ballad 'Like It Never Was', which can be found tucked away on the flip side of his early 1970 single 'Stop'. This excellent, baroque style track was written by Gary Benson who was also releasing solo material around the same time and produced by David Paramor who also worked with the Koobas, Simon Dupree And The Big Sound and the Bamboo Shoot, among others.

In the early 70s, Vigrass went on to sing in the bands Matchbox, Edison Lighthouse and Swampfox before shortly thereafter partnering with Gary Osborn to form the rather popular duo Vigrass & Osborne in 1972. 1980 saw Vigrass briefly join the group Quasar before apparently dropping out of the music business altogether. In the mid 2000s. Vigrass began acting, most notably in the movie 'Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire'.

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Like It Never Was

(Original 45 Label: RCA Victor RCA 1911, B - February, 1970)