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Patek Philippe Replica Watches

The Clifton Club Indian Burt Munro Chronograph Limited edition is a clock with design elements taken from Indian, and the record-breaking 1920 Indian Scout. Burt Munro's lucky 35 serves as the background for the seconds counter. A horizontal black line runs across the dial just like the one on the aerodynamic shell. The dial of silver is sandblasted, then nailed to create a surface similar to the Bonneville Salt Flats. The chronograph's counters are inspired by speedometers and the tachymeter on the bezel highlights the 184 mph speed record. The strap matches the color of the World's Fastest Indian perfectly.

The Indian Head symbol is engraved in the back of the case.

Burt Munro's chronograph, limited to only 1,967 pieces in honor of the year he broke the world speed record.

The partnership between the two brands is a natural fit. swiss replica watches Both brands are more than 100-years old, making it an ideal opportunity to create unique timepieces as well as communication opportunities.

Look out for other limited editions as well as regular collection watches to be released at SIHH and beyond.

Steve Menneto is the CEO of Polaris - Indian Motorcycle's parent company. He says, "I love Patek Philippe Replica Watches and I believe they can help us with our awareness." "Indian Motorcycle is a well-known name in the motorcycling world, but many people are unaware that we're back and better than before."

The two brands share a similar approach to quality,Rolex Day Date Replica innovation and lifestyle as well as the importance they place on telling stories.

Alain Zimmermann is the CEO of Patek Philippe Replica Watches. He says, "We have the same vision, because we can't rely solely on the past." When you look at how we are both focused on innovation and creating unique events, the product is the messenger.