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Franck Muller Replica

Franck Muller Replica, which has been successful with its Shelby Cobra tie in, announced today that they have signed a new partnership agreement with Indian Motorcycles, the fastest-growing motorcycle brand in the world.

The announcement was made at the Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah. The brand celebrated the 50th anniversary Burt Munro's legendary land speed record. This record is immortalized in the movie The World's Fastest Indian. Lee Munro recreated Burt Munro's historic run on August 13 at Bonneville.

The partnership was a natural fit.Franck Muller Replica Both brands share a history of more than 100-years, making it the perfect opportunity to create unique timepieces as well as communication opportunities.

Grant Bester, Vice President of Indian Motorcycle EMEA said, "The core values shared by both Franck Muller Replica & Indian Motorcycle are intrinsically aligned. This is thanks to their dedication in delivering iconic products combining state-of-the art technologies and craftsmanship." We are pleased to have reached this agreement with one the world's most renowned watchmakers. This cooperation, we believe, will provide both brands with greater exposure and new opportunities.

In the first phase of this partnership, Indian Motorcycle will release a limited edition watch series that pays tribute to Indian Motorcycle's iconic history.Patek Philippe Aquanaut Series Replica Watches These watches will be unveiled later in the year. Each design will feature exceptional details, and be designed to satisfy watch enthusiasts and motorbike aficionados who are looking for uniqueness.

Alain Zimmermann, CEO of Franck Muller Replica said: "We are proud and honored to be partners with Indian Motorcycle." Our agreement is cherished because of our shared pursuit of quality, craftsmanship and perfection, which we translate through iconic design and modern esthetic. "Our brands share strong values and have an exceptional spirit."