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From: The Hague, Netherlands

Originally known as the Entertainers, this Dutch beat outfit formed in 1963 with original members Frank van Leijen (lead vocals, harmonica), Jaap Rog (guitar, vocals), Ed van de Sande (bass) and Jan Timmerman (drums). In 1965, the group changed their moniker to the Haigs to avoid conflict with another band located in Limburg that had their same original name. Soon after, they released the very well received and quite good, Rog penned single 'Never Die' on the Funkler label during the fall of that year. Although not really considered "psychedelic", the track definitely contains some rather unexpected and fledgling, off-key subtle undertones of the genre, which was heavily inspired by The Beatles. Unfortunately however, the band apparently had a difficult groping with their success and imploded in early 1966, reportedly due to alcohol abuse.

Later in '66, and still under contract with Funkler, Leijen recruited a completely new lineup that included Barry Hay (flute, guitar, vocals), Rob Winston van der Zwan (guitar), Paul van Melzen (bass) and Bart Terlaak (drums). It was this incarnation of the group that released a popular second 45 ('Where To Run' b/w 'Separated') in the summer of that year, which was written by Zwan and Hay. The band then switched to Polydor Records in 1967 and issued two more singles in the first half of the year before the highly talented Hay was courted away by the Golden Earrings, which proved to be a hugely destructive blow for them. Albert van de Oever (vocals) and Hans Jansen (keyboards) were then brought into the fold, along with Terlaak being replaced by Jaap Mossel (drums). It was this lineup that then released a final single in late '67, but couldn't hold it together and ended up splitting for good in early 1968.


Never Die

(Original 45 Label: Funkler DB 45.184, A - October, 1965)