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— Promos —

U.K. Ads & Promos

Animals, Hullabaloo Concert Promo

Blind Faith Concert Promo

Colosseum - 'Those Who Are About to Die Salute You' LP Ad

Cream - Falstaff Beer Ad

Donovan Bushnell, Hartford Concert Promo

'Help' Movie Ad (Attention Adults)

'Help' Movie Ad (Why)

Jeff Beck, Moody Blues & Ten Years After Concert Promo

Liverpools, The - Tom McCann's Shoes Ad

Lulu - Gentle Care Hair Conditioner Ad

Moody Blues Seattle Center Arena Concert Promo

Peter & Gordon - Macleans Toothpaste Ad

Pink Floyd - 'Relics' LP Ad

Radio England Promo

Rolling Stones, Dallas, TX Concert Promo

Rolling Stones, The - Rice Krispies Ad

Small Faces - 'Small Faces' LP Promo

Spencer Davis Group, The - Great Shakes Ad

Springfield, Dusty - Great Shakes Ad

Surf Washing Powder Ad

Traffic - 'Traffic' LP Ad

Troggs, The - H.I.S. Ad

Troggs, The - Miller Beer Ad (Mr. Miller)

Vitalis Hair Dressing Ad

Who, The - Great Shakes Ad

Who, The - Radio 1 Promo

Who, The - U.S. Air Force Ad

Yardbirds, The - Great Shakes Ad

Zombies, The - 'Bunny Lake Is Missing' Movie Promo

Zombies, The - 'Time Of The Season' Single Ad


Coke Ads

Bee Gees, The - Coke Ad (Cold And Windy Day)

Bee Gees, The - Coke Ad (Sitting In The Meadow)

Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich - Coke Ad (All Around The


Easybeats, The - Coke Ad (Dancing On A Saturday Night)

Easybeats, The - Coke Ad (Make Life Swing)

Easybeats, The - Coke Ad (Sittin' Here Thirsty)

Moody Blues, The - Coke Ad (Chasing The Sun)

Moody Blues, The - Coke Ad (Take You For A Ride)

New Vaudeville Band, The - Coke Ad (Hollywood Freeway)

New Vaudeville Band, The - Coke Ad (Stamp Your Feet)

Tremeloes, The - Coke Ad (A Little Sunshine)

Troggs, The - Coke Ad (Little Miss Mary)

Who, The - Coke Ad (Coke After Coke)

Who, The - Coke Ad (Things Go Better)



U.S. Ads & Promos

Ajax Cleaner Ad (Stronger Than Dirt)

American Breed - New York Telephone Ad

American Breed - Partridge Weiners Ad

American Motors 1965 Rambler Ad

Baby Ruth Candy Bar Ad

Ballantine Beer Ad (Get Your Cold Beer)

Ban Deodorant Ad

Batman Toys & Games Ad

Beau Brummels Kennywood Park Concert Promo

Blues Magoos, The - Great Shakes Ad

Bob Seger System, The - U.S. Air Force Ad

Boettcher, Curt - Levis Ad (Wearin' Stretch Levis)

Bold Laundry Detergent Ad

Brim Instant Coffee Ad

Brylcreem Ad

Burger Chef Ad

Canned Heat - Levis Ad

Canoise Dino Day Saturday Night Shindig Concert Promo

Carnation Instant Breakfast Ad (Turn On)

Campbell's Soup Ad (The Manhandlers)

Charlatans, The - Groom N' Clean Ad

Cheetah Magazine Ad

Cheerios Cereal Ad (Underdog)

Chevy Camaro Ad

Chicago Tribune Magazine Ad, Featuring The Cryan' Shames

Clark, Dick & Donna Loren - Dr. Pepper Ad

Clark, Petula - Chrysler Plymouth Ad

Compose Tranquilizer Ad

Country Cornflakes Cerial Ad

Cowsills, The - Milk Ad

Crestones, The - Tackle Skin Cream Ad

Cryan' Shames, The - U.S. Navy Ad

Cyrkle, The - Chevy Camaro Ad

Cyrkle, The - 7-Up Ad

Cyrkle, The - United Way Ad

Diamond, Neil - Buick Automobile Ad

Diet Pepsi Ad

Dippity-do Ad

Dodge Automobile Ad (Good Guys In White Hats)

Donovan 1967 Hollywood Bowl Concert Promo

Doors Auditorium Theater, Chicago Concert Promo

Doug Brown & The Omens - Bob Griffin Senate Campaign Ad

DuBerry Color Foam Ad

Eager Beavers, The - Hamms Beer Ad

Electric Prunes, The - Vox Wah-Wah Peddle Ad

Etch A Sketch Toy Ad

Exotics, The - Bill McKay Chevrolet Ad

Exotics, The - Mitchell's Department Store Ad [Full Song]

Eye Magazine Ad

Family Dog Concert Promo

Fever Tree - Houston Post Ad

Fifth Dimension Milwaukee Pepsi Come Alive Concert Promo

Firestone Tire Ad

First Edition, The - Alcoa Aluminum Ring-Top Ad

'Flying Nun, The' TV Show Ad

4-H Organization Ad

Ford Mustang Ad

Ford Wagons Ad

Four Seasons, The - Brunswick Bowling Ad

Four Wheels, The - Casite Motor Honey Ad

Free Design, The - Chapstick Ad (The Day You Were Born)

'Free University' TV Show Ad

Fuller, Bobby - Gallancamps Shoe Ad

Galaxy Club Promo

General Motors Automobile Ad (Mark Of Excellence)

Gillette Razor Ad

Go Magazine Ad

Golliwogs Concert Promo

Grass Roots, The - New York Telephone Ad (If You Get A Ring)

Grateful Dead Hullabaloo Concert Promo

Great Lakes Dragaway Ad

Gretch Guitar Contest Promo

H.P. Lovecraft - Ban Roll-On Ad

H.P. Lovecraft - Ban Roll-On Ad [Version 2]

Happening Club, Seattle, WA Promo

Happenings, The - Great Shakes Ad

Honda Ad (What's Happening Now)

Hondells, The - Pepsi Ad

Hohner Harmonica Ad

Hub Kapp & The Wheels Concert Promo

Hullabaloo Club, Ann Arbor, MI Promo

Hunts Ketchup Ad

Illinois Emergency Action Notification System Test

Iron Butterfly - Ban Roll-On Ad

'Is Paul McCartney Dead?' Radio Promo

J. Jacobs Clothing Store Ad

Jack In The Box Restaurant Ad

Jay & The Americans - H.I.S. Slacks Ad

Jefferson Airplane - Levis Ad (Grace Slick)

Jefferson Airplane - Levis Ad (Jack Cassidy)

Jefferson Airplane - Levis Ad (Marty Balin)

Jefferson Airplane - Levis Ad (Spencer Dryden)

Kent Cigarettes Ad

KLIF Klassic Album Ad

Knickerbockers WAMT Lakeland, FL Concert Promo

Kool Aid Ad (Bugs Bunny - Kool Aid A Go Go)

Kool Aid Ad (Bugs Bunny - Make Friends)

Lee Jeans Ad

Left Banke, The - Hertz Rent-A-Car Ad

Left Banke, The - Toni Hair Spray Ad

Litter, The - 7-Up Ad

Lively Set, The - Coffee Ad

Living Eye Club, Houston, TX Promo

Love Generation - Hormel Hot Dogs Ad

Lovin' Spoonful Burmingham City Auditorium Concert Promo

Macy's Peter Max Table Settings Ad

Male M1 Shop, Chicago Ad\

Martindale, Wink & Gene Weed - Electric Prunes Talk

McCoys, The - Heart Association Ad

McDonald's Ad

McGregor Brawley Male Sportswear Ad

Miles Go-Go Bows Shoes Ad

Milky Way Candy Bar Ad

Monkees & Jimi Hendrix Experience Concert Promo

Monkees, The - Kool Aid Ad

Monterey Pop Festival Promo

Moorlocks Concert Promo

Nazz - 'Call Of The Wild Nazz' Band Pomo

Nazz - 'The Life Of The Party' Band Promo

Nazz - 'Tommy Truckdriver' Band Promo

Nilsson, Harry - Ban Roll-On Ad

Noble Men, The - Slack Shack Ad

NYC National Customer Auto Show Promo

Panasonic Car And Home Stereo Ad

Parks Sausages Ad

Paul Revere & The Raiders - Chevy Chevelle SS-396 Ad

Paul Revere & The Raiders - The Judge, Pontiac GTO Ad

Paul Revere & The Raiders - The Judge, Pontiac GTO Ad [Full Song]

Peanut Butter Conspiracy Concert Promo

Pepsi Go! Clothes Ad

Place Club, Miami, FL Promo

Plymouth 1966 Barracuda Ad

Polaroid Camera Ad (Meet The Swinger)

Pream Coffee Creamer Ad

Randolph, Boots - Mickey's Malt Liquor Ad

Rationals, The - Danby's Men Stores Ad

Rawls, Lou - Cold Power Detergent Ad (Life Is Rough)

Rawls, Lou - Cold Power Detergent Ad (Talkin' 'Bout The Times)

Red Dogs, Lawrence, KS Concert Promo

Richie's Renegades - Pepsi Ad

Richmond Cigarettes Ad

Rollerland 1967 New Years Eve Dance Ad, Napa, FL

Royal Guardsmen, The - U.S. Army Ad

Salem Cigarettes Ad

Saturday's Children - Chicago Electric Company Ad

Schlitz Beer Ad

Scotch Tape Ad

Sears Record Ad (Featuring The Animals & The Standells)

Seattle Battle Of The Bands Concert Promo

Seattle Battle Of The Bands Concert Promo, 1966

7-Up Ad

7-Up Ad (Sitar)

Sex Machine Club, Philadelphia, PA Promo

Shindig Television Show Ad

Shoomer, Bobby - Wild Root 360 Ad

Soft Drinks In Cans Ad

Sons Of Champlin - KCPX Salt Lake City Ad

Sopwith Camel, The - Levis Ad (Funny Fabric)

Sopwith Camel, The - Levis Ad (Levi Strauss Waltz)

Springfield Rifle, The - Nordstrom's Ad

SRC, Silverbell Concert Promo

Star Trek Cast WMMR, Philadelphia Radio Promo

Sting-Rays Of Newburgh, The - Life Savers Sours Ad (Josie Anne)

Stone Poneys, The - Pepsi Ad

Sunrays, The - Kentucky Fried Chicken Ad

Superfine Dandelion Concert Promo

Surrey Clothes Shop College '66 Ad

Tokens, The - Dr. Pepper Soft Drink Ad

Tokens, The - Goodyear Tire Ad

Tom McCann's Monkee Boots Ad

Tom McCann's Shoes Ad (The Duke & The Dutchess)

Tower Records Ad (Featuring The Band & Grateful Dead)

Trips Festival Promo

Turtles Hullabaloo Concert Promo

U-Haul Ad

Utica Club Promo

Varsity Magazine Promo (Trip To Hollywood)

WCFL Top-10 Capsule Countdown, 1/28/67

Wellingtons Tape Ad

West Coast Natural Gas - Levis Ad (Take The Stretch)

Western Airlines Ad (San Francisco)

White Rock Soda Ad

William Penn & His Pals - PSA Airlines Ad

Windsong Perfume Ad

WKYC St. Agnes Teen Review Ad

Wrigley's Spearmint Gum Ad

Zales Jewlery Ad

Zappa, Frank - Remington Electric Razor Ad

Zenith TV Ad


Brother Love

Brother Love - Iron Butterfly 'Heavy' LP Ad

Brother Love - Rotary Connection 'Rotary Connection' LP Ad

Brother Love - The Listening Post Record Store Ad


Coke Ads

American Breed - Coke Ad (Sun Is Shinin')

American Breed - Coke Ad (Walkin' Through The Park)

Box Tops, The - Coke Ad (Hey There Taxi)

Box Tops, The - Coke Ad (Hotel, Motel)

Boyce And Hart - Coke Ad (Wake Up Girl)

Boyce And Hart - Coke Ad (When Your Down)

Brooklyn Bridge, The - Coke Ad (Longest Day Of My Life)

Fifth Dimension, The - Coke Ad (Sipping Coke On Mars)

Jay & The Americans - Coke Ad (Good Times)

Left Banke, The - Coke Ad (Day When You're Down)

Newbeats, The - Coke Ad

Thomas, B.J. - Coke Ad (Everybody Needs A Friend)

Vanilla Fudge - Coke Ad (20,000 Eyes)

Vogues, The - Coke Ad (Hey Road Manager)


Diamond, Dave

Dave Diamond - Excerpts From 'The Diamond Mine', KBLA, Burbank, CA

Dave Diamond - Gazzari's Concert Promo

Dave Diamond - Poetry From The Diamond Mine

Dave Diamond - The Cheetah Club, Los Angeles, CA Promo

Dave Diamond - The Hour Glass Test Club Concert Promo


Donahue, Tom

The Golden Age Of Underground Radio: Featuring Tom Donahue

Tom Donahue - 1969 KSAN Newscast

Tom Donahue - Berkley Free Clinic

Tom Donahue - Family Dog Youngbloods Promo

Tom Donahue - Intro To The Youngbloods - Darkness, Darkness

Tom Donahue - Jeans West Ad

Tom Donahue - KMET-KSAN Closing

Tom Donahue - Leopold's Records Ad

Tom Donahue - The Hog Farm Marijuana Initiative

Tom Donahue - Tom's Sign On


Harrison, Harry

Harry Harrison - 'The In-Sound' (Interview With Brian Jones)

Harry Harrison - 'The In-Sound' (Interview With Every Mother's


Harry Harrison - 'The In-Sound' (Interview With Jimi Hendrix)

Harry Harrison - 'The In-Sound' (Interview With Question Mark And The Mysterians)

Harry Harrison - 'The In-Sound' (Interview With The Blues Magoos)

Harry Harrison - 'The In-Sound' (Interview With The Byrds)

Harry Harrison - 'The In-Sound' (Interview With The Kitchen Cinq)

Harry Harrison - 'The In-Sound' (Interview With The Monkees)

Harry Harrison - 'The In-Sound' (Interview With The The Scoundrels)


KHJ Radio Station Promos

KHJ Big Kahuna Promo

KHJ Cass Elliot Puppy Promo

KHJ Doors Hollywood Bowl Concert Promo

KHJ Laugh-In Promo

KHJ Los Angeles, CA Hit Bound

KHJ News (Aircraft Worker On LSD Story)

KHJ Mustang GT Magic Key Contest Promo

KHJ Pepsi Ad

KHJ Tiny Tim Promo

KHJ 'Yellow Submarine' Movie Promo


Movie Ads

'A Guide For The Married Man' Movie Ad

'Alice's Restaurant' Movie Ad

'Another Day, Another Man' Movie Ad

'Beneath The Planet Of The Apes' Movie Ad

'Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls' Move Ad

'Damned, The' Movie Ad

'Easy Rider' Movie Ad

'Green Slime, The' Movie Ad

'Head' Movie Ad

'Hell's Angels On Wheels' Movie Ad

'How I Won The War' Movie Ad

'How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying' Movie Ad

'I Am A Groupie' Movie Ad

'I Love You, Alice B. Toklas' Movie Ad

'Luv' Movie Ad

Monkees, The - 'Head' Movie Promo

'Pied Piper, The' Movie Ad

'Psych Out' Movie Ad

Tate, Sharon - Coppertone 'Don't Make Waves' Movie Promo

'Teenage Mother' Movie Ad

'The Good, The Bad And The Ugly' Movie Ad

'Thunderball' Movie Ad

‘Trip, The’ Movie Ad

'Venus In Furs' Movie Ad

'Wild Angels, The' Movie Ad (A Monkey On Their Back)

'Wild Angels, The' Movie Ad (Witches Riding High Powered Brooms)

'Wild In The Streets' Movie Ad

'Yellow Submarine' Movie Ad



ABC News (LSD Story)

ABC News (Unwashed Beatniks Story)

KBLA News (Governor Ronald Regan Story)

KFWB News (Hippie Mother On LSD Story)

KNH News (The Canyon People)

KRLA News (1967 Vietnam War And ACLU)

KRLA News (Drug Busts & Monterey Pop Festival)

KRLA News (Grand Canyon Hippie Love-In Story)

NBC News (1968 Presidential Campaign)

NBC News (Woodstock Story)

Radio News (Grateful Dead Pot Bust Story)

WCOL News (Daylight Savings Chaos)


Public Service Announcements

Child Fire Death Prevention PSA

'Dragnet' Anti LSD PSA

Ryder, Mitch - Family Attitude PSA

Shangri-Las, The - Dating Coutesy PSA

Shangri-Las, The - Gift Receiving PSA

The Hot Dog Trip - Anti LSD PSA


Record Ads

Baroques, The - 'Iowa' LP Ad

Blue Cheer - 'Vincebus Eruptum' LP Ad

Booker T. & The MG's - 'McLemore Avenue' LP Ad

Buckinghams, The - 'In One Ear And Gone Tomorrow' LP Ad

Buckinghams, The - 'Kind Of A Drag' LP Ad

Byrds, The - 'Ballad Of Easy Rider' LP Ad (Music About America)

Byrds, The - 'The Notorious Byrd Brothers' LP Ad

Canned Heat - 'Hallelujah' LP Ad

Chad & Jeremy - 'Of Cabbages And Kings' LP Ad

Chambers Brothers, The - 'The Time Has Come' LP Ad

Charlatans, The - 'Alabama Bound' LP Ad

Classics IV, The - 'Song' LP Ad

Colours - 'Love Heals + Bad Day At Black Rock, Baby' Single Ad

Cryan' Shames, The - 'A Scratch In The Sky' LP Ad

Dr. West's Medicine Show & Junk Band - 'The Eggplant That Ate Chicago' LP Ad

Five Americans, The - 'Now And Then' LP Ad

Fowley, Kim - 'Outrageous' LP Ad (Ultimate Animal)

Fowley, Kim - 'Outrageous' LP Ad (Ultimate Underground Animal)

Grateful Dead - 'Live Dead' LP Ad

Joplin, Janis - 'I Got Dem Ol' Kozmic Blues Again Mama' LP Ad

'Magical Mystery Tour' & 'Wild Honey' LPs Ad

Moby Grape - 'Moby Grape' LP Ad

Moby Grape - 'Truly Fine Citizen' LP Ad

Monkees, The - 'The Birds The Bees & The Monkees' LP Ad

Monkees, The - 'The Monkees Present' LP Ad

Mothers Of Invention, The - 'Absolutely Free' LP Ad

Neon Philharmonic, The - 'No One Is Going To Hurt You' Single Ad

Paul Revere & The Raiders - 'Alias Pink Puzz' LP Ad (Introducing Pink Puzz)

Paul Revere & The Raiders - 'Revolution!' LP Ad

Paul Revere & The Raiders - 'Spirit Of '67' LP Ad

Shadows Of Knight, The - 'Willie Jean' Single Ad

Spirit - 'Clear' LP Ad

13th Floor Elevators - 'Bull Of The Woods' LP Ad

Steppenwolf - 'At Your Birthday Party' LP Ad

Turtles, The - 'Turtle Soup' LP Ad

Velvet Unground, The - 'The Velvet Underground' LP Ad

Warner Brothers Records Ad (It's The Plastic)

Young, Neil - 'Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere' LP Ad

Young, Neil - 'Neil Young' LP Ad

Zappa, Frank - 'Hot Rats' LP Ad


Reed, B. Mitchel

The Golden Age Of Underground Radio, Vol. 2: Featuring B. Mitchel Reed

B. Mitchel Reed - BMR’s Sign-Off

B. Mitchel Reed - BMR’s Sign-On

B. Mitchel Reed - Edgar Allan Poe Electric Memorial Concert


B. Mitchel Reed - Edgar Allan Poe Electric Memorial Concert

                          Ad (Day Of)

B. Mitchel Reed - Fat Bernie's Waterbeds Ad

B. Mitchel Reed - Hip Bagel Ad

B. Mitchel Reed - 'I'll Be Back In A Bit'

B. Mitchel Reed - Jeans West Ad

B. Mitchel Reed - John Kay Quote

B. Mitchel Reed - KMET News

B. Mitchel Reed - Leather Ltd. Ad

B. Mitchel Reed - Mick Jagger Quote

B. Mitchel Reed - 'New York Music Is Provincial'

B. Mitchel Reed - Revlon Swingtakes Promo

B. Mitchel Reed - The Beatles - 'Get Back

B. Mitchel Reed - The Beverly Hills Hippie Invasion

B. Mitchel Reed - Wooden Ships Exit



Australian Ads & Promos

Master’s Apprentices, The - Ford Cortina Ad

Seekers, The - Coke Ad (Coke Makes Life More Fun)

Seekers, The - Coke Ad (On A Saturday Night)

Seekers, The - Sears Records Ad



European Ads & Promos

Los Bravos - Coke Ad (Look At The People)