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From: The Hague, Netherlands

This Dutch outfit formed in 1964 as the Klits with original members Peter Sjardin (flute, organ, vocals), Daniel van Bergen (guitar, piano), Ruud van Buuren (bass) and Beer Klaasse (drums). In early 1966, the band smartly changed their moniker to Groep 1850 (curiously named after an old watch that Sjardin had from his grandfather with the year 1850 engraved on it) before issuing their first single (‘Misty Night’ b/w ‘Look Around’) on the small, local Yep label, which originated from a magazine called Muziek Express, late that year. Although very few copies of the record were pressed and sold, the foursome quickly established themselves as one of the Netherlands most original and innovative acts, which lead to them signing to the much larger Philips label.

In 1967, the group issued two more 45s with the second containing the overtly weird ‘Mother No-Head’ on the promo side, which became a Top 40 hit in their home country. It is the outstanding B-side ballad of this record (‘Ever, Ever Green’) however that resonates best and is proudly featured here on TWOS. A fourth single (‘Zero’ b/w ‘Frozen Mind’) was then issued during the spring of 1968, with both sides being extremely original and highly recommended to any 60s psych-rock fan. It was also at around this time that the group found themselves opening for headliners like Pink Floyd and the Mothers Of Invention when they toured through the Netherlands. Early 1969 then saw the band release a debut LP titled Agemo's Trip To Mother Earth’, which features a 3-D cover designed by Beer that was originally accompanied with classic red-green 3-D glasses to view it with. For this record, they also slightly renamed themselves Group 1850 (English translation) in an effort to break outside of their homeland. The album didn't sell that well however, causing the beginning of the band's decline.

With the 1960s coming close to an end, Groep 1850 unfortunately found themselves without a record contract and very few gigs scheduled, which prompted both Buuren and Klaasse to exit the fold, with Klassee joining Q65. Sjardin and Bergin then relocated to Amsterdam from The Hauge and recruited Dave Duba (guitar), Dolf Geldof (bass) and Martin van Duynhoven (drums) to form a revamped version of the band. This lineup then issued a second LP (Paradise Now) on the local Discofoon label in early 1970, which only sold modestly as well. The band forged on into the mid 70s however and issued a final LP titled Polyandri in 1975 before finally calling it quits the following year.


Ever, Ever Green

(Original 45 Label: Philips 333 901 JF, B - December, 1967)

Frozen Mind

(Original 45 Label: Philips 333 973 JF, B - March, 1968)


(Original 45 Label: Philips 333 973 JF, A - March, 1968)