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From: San Francisco, CA, USA

This San Francisco band is best, or sometimes worst, known for their 1967 punk-psych single 'Spazz', which many interpret as a song that makes fun of the mentally handicapped. Fortunately, this zinger is atypical when compared to the rest of their rather pleasant, folk-psych output. Unfortunately 'Spazz' created much controversy for the band and overshadowed their subsequent recordings.

The group formed in 1965 as This Side Up, releasing one single under that moniker before changing their name to the Elastik Band. They played all over California, opening for many of the major psychedelic acts of the day, including the Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane and Steppenwolf. Original members included David Cortopassi (guitar, bass, vibraphone, vocals), Scott Williams (lead guitar, bass, vocals), Russell Kerger (electric piano, background vocals), Rusty Kierig (bass, background vocals) and Vince Silvera (drums, background vocals). The band also featured Rebecca Tieson (flute, background vocals) on a few of their tracks. All of their songs were originals written by Cortopassi and, or Williams.

Ironically, the majority of their output was never originally released and was only recently unearthed and compiled on CD by Digital Cellars. Track highlights include 'Don't Say Love', 'The Darkest Corner', 'The Word Is You' and 'Think Of Today'. Also included is an authentic Australian broadcast, circa 1968, when 'Spazz' was actually pulled off the air midway through the song... ouch!

Artist Compilations

The Elastik Band

Songs from this album played on TWOS:

  • Don't Say Love

    (Originally Unreleased - , 1967)

  • The Darkest Corner

    (Originally Unreleased - , 1967)

  • The Word Is You

    (Originally Unreleased - , 1967)

  • Think Of Today

    (Originally Unreleased - , 1967)